Smart Energy Digital Monitor Platform

What We Offer

Smart Energy Digital Monitor Platform

Real-time Digital Monitor
The comprehensive display platform can analyze and visually display various types of information such as production scale, production lines and operations. Monitors real-time production operations, and improves decision-making efficiency.

Improve Level of Safety and Management
The platform locates the position of inspection personnel and their movement which improve their efficiency and safety management. It can also manage employees to safety production requirements, preventing possible steam pipe leakage and dangerous gas leakage in power plants.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Comprehensive energy analysis for enterprise managers to improve efficiency, including: energy statistics and monitoring, energy consumption equipment management, etc., functions such as safety early warning, energy consumption management, and equipment monitoring.

Power Plant Roaming Simulation and Maintenance Positioning
The platform can assist in determining the key content of visiting and the creation of visiting routes. Combined with data transmission technology, the main parameters of the operation are displayed in real-time in the three-dimensional scene, which can improve the level of enterprise informatization and corporate image.

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